Career, life & change coaching in Tunbridge Wells & London

Helping you to navigate through change, and give you the support to work out options that suit your life.

Career coaching

Feeling stuck in a rut, not sure if your job is right for you anymore, or want to start up your own business? Career coaching will help you to discover the work that suits you.

Coping with change

You’re facing redundancy, retirement, or returning to work after a break. We’ll help you work through the options and find ways to deal with the change and feel more confident.

Become a mentor

Join our mentor scheme to help local independents survive. Put your skills to work by using your experience to support small and growing businesses across Kent and Sussex.

Work to suit you

If you’re looking for a part-time job with flexibility but struggling to find one at the right level for your experience, our job share jobsite could be the working solution for you.